Accelerating hair growth

With advances made in the medical industry, the hair transplant industry is inventing and discovering many through milestones too. This has also adopted medical practices from other domains especially the ones that accentuate growth. One of the technologies that have helped the hair transplant industry achieve success and satisfying results is the Neo Graft technology. This technology has enabled Advanced FUE hair transplant with fantastic results.

FUE is considered one of the minimally invasive hair transplant procedures. Performed under local anesthesia, this is an OPD procedure which requires no hospitalization. The procedure starts with a consultation, during which the doctors evaluate your candidature, also outlining your hairline which would be finalization that day. Of course, changes can be still be made according to your wishes until the moment before your procedure begins.

Advanced FUE differs from the usual FUE in terms of the treatment that the follicles go through during the procedure. The transplant starts with local anesthesia being injected into the scalp. Once the anesthesia takes effect the procedure begins with follicles from the donor area being extracted. These extracted follicles, during an Advanced FUE, are bathed in a protein-rich growth serum, extracted from your own blood. The same serum is injected into the scalp too when Advanced FUE transplants are done. This ensures accelerated growth and assures intense growth.

With medical sciences making breakthroughs ADVANCED FUE is a step ahead in the hair transplant domain. Such advances not only make the procedures more effective but also enhance the ultimate goal of a healthy natural looking crowning glory

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