A self-sufficient alternative to donor hair

Hair transplant, as an industry operates on the basic fundamental of donor hair which is transplanted onto the recipient area. The need and the requirement of donor hair are huge since without enough donor hair the transplant will never be able to produce the desired outcome.

In men, Male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of balding, induced either by genetics or hormonal changes or due to a stressful lifestyle. Often men opting for hair transplants show an insufficient availability of donor hair. In this case, would the patient need to settle for a blotched job or at the worst no transplant at all? The answer is no. The alternative to lack of donor hair at the back of the head is made up for, by the available body hair. Hence body hair transplant is often used as an alternative to donor hair on the head, as and when needed.

The only catch here is that once during the initial evaluation it is confirmed that the transplant will require body hair transplant, you will be instructed to follow certain precautions and preparatory activities. The body hair used in the transplant can be from anywhere in the body. Hair from the beard, the chest, the stomach, the back, legs or the pubic area qualifies to become donor hair. Body hair transplant is an alternative to fall back on when donor hair is insufficient. One of the most common causes of insufficient donor hair is an earlier transplant.

When it comes to body hair transplant being the alternative, the best second alternative to donor hair (at the back of the head) is the beard. The growth of the beard hair is akin to the hair on the scalp. If a beard is not an option then it is the chest hair and the rest follows. When your body becomes the donor site, one of the most frequently asked questions is about the growth. If the transplanted hair is from the beard then the growth is similar to that of the scalp hair.

However if the hair is from anywhere else in the body, then the growth of the hair may be shorter but once transplanted, the hair growth moulds itself into the growth pattern of the recipient area. However, the fact also remains that the natural growth cycle cannot be reversed. Thus regular trimming and grooming will be a part of life post body hair transplant.

Another concern that you may have about body hair being transplanted might be about scarring. Rest assured that with FUE as the procedure used for transplant you will have minimal to no scars at all. For instance, when the beard becomes the donor site, it does not scare at all and heals in about the two days. Chest and other areas may show a few dots from where the grafts were taken. However, they heal over time.

Body hair transplant is carried out using the minimally invasive procedure termed Follicular Unit Extraction. The grafts extracted from the body usually contain about two units or hair follicles. Since the roots of body hair contain more fat and skin, the extracted follicles are treated and prepared for the transplant right after the extraction. Once done the transplant is carried out with the donor hair being transplanted onto the recipient area, by planting the hair into the incisions made. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and requires no hospitalization.

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