The Scarring Alopecia

Cicatricial Alopecia is probably one of the most aggressive and irreversible forms of Alopecia. Also termed the scarring Alopecia, it can affect man and women alike, at any age. The reason for this kind of alopecia is not solely attributed to genetics. Cicatricial alopecia is progressive in nature. The hair loss due to this kind of alopecia may accentuate over a period of time or within months.

Reason for the occurrence of scarring Alopecia is attributed to inflammation of the hair follicles. Such an inflammation proves fatal for the follicles, which gets destroyed permanently. Interestingly though, this kind of alopecia does not come with telling symptoms. Many times, Cicatricial alopecia occurs as a common reversible type of hair loss. This then progresses to a permanent hair loss.

Though the onset of permanent alopecia does not always come in with telling signs, some of the telling symptoms like an Itchy scalp, burning sensation, oozing of pus, rough and often scaly skin, which become blisters and crusting, helps in diagnosis of the condition. Some types of this condition affect more women than men. Not communicable or hereditary in nature, Cicatricial Alopecia also affects men. This kind of alopecia progresses over time and the stages of progression are categorized into Primary, Secondary and developmental or hereditary Alopecia.

The primary category is an irreversible type of alopecia where the hair follicles are damaged beyond repair due to inflammation of the hair follicles. This results in permanent damage.

The secondary category, however, is a consequence of events. The events may include a burn, accident or hair fall due to chemotherapy, etc. This is also an irreversible condition on its own.

The third category of Scarring alopecia is caused by hormonal imbalances and natural aging.

Treatments for this condition include medications and ointments administered to control the itching, burning and skin conditions. Once the conditions stabilize or the symptoms subside and hold good for a while, invasive treatments are an option to redeem the situation. Hair transplants are one of the most recommended and opted for treatment which has helped many in the situation.

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