Regrowing the crowning glory

Balding at the crown (of the head) for men signifies the onset of the most common balding problem faced by them. Termed Male pattern Baldness, this is a typical hair loss problem faced by most men. Male pattern baldness follows a pattern. The hair would initially start thinning down at the front of the head, slowly advancing towards the crown. Balding at the crown is usually extensive and keeps on spreading over time. Hence crown hair transplant is not only a process that needs constant treatment, but is also tricky and therefore needs careful consideration while opting for the same.

Since the problem will usually start with hair thinning and will become more prominent over a period of time, crown hair treatment is a continuous process. This is because of the crown bald extensively in men, especially with age. For the transplant, in the near future, the areas nearby will start to shed and become bald. At that point in time, you will have to go in for crown hair transplants or crown hair treatments, for the balding patches. You will need to keep up with transplants till the entire crown is covered, with hair. More than anything else the aesthetic aspect is more prominent here hence the need to take care of the balding patches as and when they occur on newer sites at the crown.

It is worth understanding that Crown hair transplant is one of the most challenging transplants that surgeons perform. Hence it is extremely important to reach out to experts with experience while considering crown hair transplants. One of the most tangible reasons for this is the way the transplants are done on the crown. If you look at the hair of the crown closely, you will notice that the hair grows in swirls. The angle at which the transplanted hair needs to be transplanted has to be specific and precise. Therefore any deviation of transplant angels will lead to an unnatural look hence a blotched job.

Balding at the crown is a problem faced by women as well. However, in females, the bald patches are more like hair thinning. Women face diffused hair loss, unlike men.

Due to the fact that in men, the crown bald extensively, a little more at a time, it is often recommended that if someone is going for a crown hair transplant before 35 years of age they should reconsider the decision. There are ways of helping the crown retain the hair it already has and promotes new hair growth with a treatment called PRP. However, a transplant if done post 35, the probability of touch ups for newer bald patches lowers.

Crown hair transplant is a skilled procedure. The need for such transplant is spurred on by as much by want as is by aesthetics.

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