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The crown, also known as the vertex, is an area of the scalp that can require hair transplantation either in isolation or in combination with other regions of the scalp. Crown hair transplant procedures are perhaps the most technically demanding of all types of hair restoration procedures due to the fact that extreme hair angle changes occur in the crown area in a whorl, or spiral, pattern which must be meticulously recreated for a seamlessly natural result. Additionally, the crown typically has extensive areas of baldness that require transplantation, resulting in the need for a large number of grafts in one area.

Crown Hair Transplant Procedure :

There are a few basic facts about crown hair restoration that every individual should know before contemplating having a crown hair replacement procedure. These include the following:

  • 1. The crown is in a state of ongoing recession, especially in men experiencing male pattern baldness. This means that additional hair restoration sessions may be required in the future to cover further baldness that may occur in this area. Due to this fact, at Insta Hair Transplant we generally recommend that patients under 35 years of age do not undergo crown hair transplantation, since the crown area will continue to lose hair over time and the individual may not have a sufficient amount of donor hair to cover the balding area in the future. This is not a hard and fast rule but a general guideline

  • 2. During hair transplant, crown areas require an extensive number of grafts to achieve excellent results and may require two sessions, depending on the extent of baldness.

  • 3. If the front and crown areas of the head both experience extensive hair loss, results can appear unnatural and may lack density if the front, center and crown are addressed during a single transplant session unless a megasession (over 3,000 grafts) is performed. You must be evaluated for your candidacy to have this procedure.

  • 4. Someone contemplating crown hair restoration is advised to be on medical management (finasteride and/or minoxidil) to retard further hair loss in the crown area in order to minimize the need for further transplant sessions in the future. This is particularly advisable for someone younger contemplating having a crown hair transplant.

Causes of Crown Hair Loss :

Many men experience hair loss in the crown area due to traditional male pattern baldness. Women can also experience hair loss in the crown area as the result of a number of conditions, although hair loss is typically more dispersed than the concentrated balding pattern seen in men. Some conditions that may result in hair loss in the crown area include

alopecia areata, anagen hair loss, cicatricial alopecias, disorders of hair growth, inflammatory scalp, telogen hair loss, tinea capitis, traction alopecia and trichotillomania.

Depending on their nature and stage of progression, some of these scalp conditions can only be treated with medicine while others allow for surgical treatment. Insta hair Transplant has highly trained hair transplant surgeons to make the judgment and thereby ensures safe and successful treatment.

Determining whether hair restoration surgery is the best option to treat hair loss in the crown area must carefully be considered based on a number of factors, including the extent of hair loss, the likelihood of future hair loss (and the possibility of having enough donor hair over time to replace new balding areas), and the ability to create natural-looking hair patterns in the crown area using hair transplantation. We will advise you on the best crown hair restoration options for you during your initial consultation.

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