Creating eyebrows with the oomph! Factor :

One of the most aesthetically challenging skill set required in the hair transplant industry is of eyebrow hair transplant. One wrong implant or a blotched job will not only ruin someone’s look but it will beat the whole purpose of undergoing an eyebrow transplant. It is also vital to understand that eyebrows may not always be done for look transformations only. People suffering from alopecia tend to lose eyebrow hair too. In these cases, it is a need combined with aesthetics.

Eyebrow transplants are essentially done via the Follicular Unit Extraction or the FUE method. FUE is one of the procedures that involve the least of surgically invasive intervention. The process follows extracting hair follicles from the back of the head which are hair fall resistant due to their biological build.

These are basically transplanted onto the recipient area, which in this case is the eyebrow. The eyebrow transplant process starts with a consultation, where the doctors understand the need for the transplant and the way you have visualized your eyebrows to look like once the procedure is done. Your eyebrows will be drawn out for you on your computerized face or may be marked on your face. Your inputs at this point in time will ensure the realization of your dream perfect eyebrows here. So work with your doctor and be forthcoming and open about what you need.

The procedure begins with the extraction of the follicles from the back of your head under local anesthesia. An eyebrow transplant may need grafts as low as 50 or as high as 400 depending on what you are looking at. The extracted grafts are quickly cleaned and prepared for the transplant by the team as your doctor skillfully works at extracting as many grafts as needed without damaging any. One damaged follicle will mean another one to ensure the numbers needed.

Once the extraction is over, the prepared follicles will be inserted into the tiny incisions that the doctor makes at the recipient site at the precise angle that the incision is made. The idea is to give a natural look. Hence a lot of skill and eye for detail goes into making that perfect angular incision.

The procedure may take a shorter time or may need 4 hours for the process to complete. Once this is done, the transplanted grafts are checked and rechecked to ensure that the shape discussed and desired has been achieved to perfection. Once done you may go home but you must follow the post-operative instruction to the word.

The implanter is another robotic :

One of the most important things to remember is that medical science creates miracles but you will need to be patient for the results to show. The transplanted hair on the eyebrow will look nice after two to three weeks but later on, they will shed. They will start re-growing from the 4th month onwards.

You must remember that the follicles transplanted onto the eyebrows are from the back of your head. The nature of growth of this hair cannot be altered. They will grow like the hair on your head. Hence you will need to trim them every 15 days or so and groom them too.

Some patients do show post-operative symptoms like bruises, the pinkness of the area or even infections. In any such discomfort, you must get in touch with the clinic immediately. Though most of these do fade away with time it is always better to be vigilant. Many patients also go in for a few more transplants as and when they feel the need to enhance the eyebrows.

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