Female Hair A ray of hope!

Female pattern baldness is one of the many reasons why women are looking at female hair transplant in India. The term, coined as Female Pattern baldness has in its essence the need for distinguishing between the baldness that men suffer from vs what women go through.

Female hair pattern baldness occurs at any age and refers to an overall thinning of hair leaving bald patches on the head. It is obvious that the treatment and approach towards a woman’s hair loss will have to be different from that of a man. Most of the hair fall problem in women is hormone related. One of the most common disorders in women is thyroid which leads to hair loss. Another major phase of hair loss is during the menopause. Unlike men, women do not suffer from hair loss towards the frontal hairline.

One of the vital requirements for any kind of hair transplant is the need to have a stable donor site. A donor site is an area from where the hair follicles are extracted to be transplanted on to the recipient area. In women this is absent. In men, the donor hair is at the back of the head and the sideburns.

The donor hair is the one that remains unaffected by DTH, a sex hormone which attacks the hair follicle. In men, the structure of the hair at the crown and the donor site hair structure have a different makeup structure. The same is not true about women. They have no particular donor site. Hence transplants were usually not successful in the past.

So here arises the question that given the scenario why should women still opt for hair transplant at all? Given the fact that women have sparse donor hair, not all is lost for women. Of course, there are a few grey areas here. If a female loses her hair due to a hormonal condition like thyroid, hair transplants will not work since the imbalanced hormones will not let the implants survive.

However, any kind of hair loss that has been due to mechanical or non-hormonal reasons make for good cases for a hair transplant in India that would be successful for women. Some of the reasons where hair transplants in India work for women are; Bald forehead patches due tying of the hair tight and swapped back for years, burns that leave bald patches, women looking to get work done on their hairline for aesthetic reasons, women looking at covering the donor bald patch after a previous hair transplant and women looking at getting their eyebrows done or made dense or shaped and finally who suffer from a balding in the same pattern as men do.

The procedure for the hair transplant in India and the world remain the same as men. The procedures may be minimally invasive if an FUE has been advised or it might be the FUT technique, which is invasive in nature. For eyebrows, it is usually the FUE technique that is used.

Women’s hair transplant in India, in fact globally is being worked on and new path breakers have already been discovered. Hair transplant for women is not such a disappointing domain anymore.

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