A chance at re-growing your mane back

With a hair loss becoming a major problem, affecting the young as early as their 20s, hair implant has rapidly gained popularity owing to the fact that it does offer the ultimate solution to carve the problem Hair implant in India has gained momentum for the same. Trichologists will tell you that the youth population being affected by baldness today at such a fast pace and so early is an alarming trend. Most often the men the world over, start balding from their crown, a condition referred to as Male Pattern Baldness. Like elsewhere, here too, the solution for the same remains hair implants in India.

The transplant has two most popular methods, one being minimally invasive and the other being invasive or surgical to be precise. Depending on the severity of the condition either one may be recommended. The minimally invasive procedure is called the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the more invasive method is called the FUT or the Follicular Unit Transplant. Due to its nature of being less surgical and lesser time taken for recovery, hair implants in India are favored with the FUE method mostly.

Before one undergoes any of the procedures, they do undergo a consultation. Once the patient is cleared for the procedure, measurements are taken of the donor area, the number of grafts that would be needed and most importantly the way the new hair should look is all worked out. On the day of the procedure, the day begins with a cardiogram and a chat with the aesthetician a date is fixed for the procedure. On the day of the procedure blood tests and cardiograms are done. Once done the procedure begins.

FUE begins with the anesthesia being inducted into the donor area. This is the area where the follicles will be extracted. Once the numbing effect takes effect, the surgeon starts extracting grafts of donor hair very quickly but extremely skillfully. Damage to the donor hair will mean more extracts to make up for the lost ones. Once this is done, the donor area is immediately covered in an ointment to avoid any kind of infection.

The second stage of the any FUE hair implant procedure is anesthetizing of the recipient area. Once that is taken care of, the surgeon proceeds to make small incisions in the recipient area for the hair implants to be transplanted. The overall procedure of hair implant in India takes about four hours to complete. Once the procedure is completed, a patient may choose to relax and recuperate for as long he or she needs. Once out of the procedure room, we shall guide and give you instructions on postoperative care. You will be handed over a kit with your medications, lotions, and shampoo. You will be called back to the clinic the next day for our doctors to take a look at the transplants.

Hair implants in India like anywhere else in the globe is a human invented process to help grow a new mop of natural hair at the places where you have lost hair. This takes time and patience. Do not expect a miracle overnight. Stick to your post-operative instructions to the T. Give yourself at least four months before you see the first sprouts of your new natural hair. At the end of the 6th month, you will have your mop back for people to notice and you to feel absolutely happy about.

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