What our expertise offers you as solutions Advanced FUE:

Traditionally, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most minimally invasive hair transplant treatment. At Insta Hair Transplant, we have improved on FUE by teaming it up with a technology called the Neograft technology. The FUE procedure remains the same. However, while ingraining the graft into the recipient area, we inject a hair growth serum along, into the scalp. This enhances the chances of better hair growth post the transplant procedure.

Crown Hair Transplant:

Trichologists will tell you that more than 90% of their male clients are a victim of a condition called the Male Pattern baldness, which is essential, loss of hair at the crown. It is a condition that has a lot to do with genetics. However, it also is the inevitable outcome of the biological structure of a man’s hair at his crown. Women also suffer from the same but the ratio as compared to men is far less. Loss of hair at the crown is a condition that progresses with age. Hence, in all honesty, we at Insta Hair Transplant recommend a relook for such a hair transplant if someone is below the age of 35. The decision to perform a transplant at the crown usually implies a larger area of transplant since the baldness at the crown progresses fast. It should also be understood that though one session of transplant may cover the current bald patch, the natural hair around the transplanted hair may fall off in the course of time, paving the need for more transplants in future to balance the look.

Long Hair Transplant:

This is more of a makeover procedure. The concept remains the same as that of transplanting hair from the donor site to the recipient site. The only difference here is in harvesting long hair from the donor site and transplanting the same, as it is. As can be understood, the results post the procedure will be seen instantaneously. The only catch is that the transplanted long hair tends to fall off within a month. The transplanted hair follicle or root stays intact therefore the growth of your hair continues just the way it should. Long hair transplants are opted for by people who go for a hair transplant as a treatment but also have an immediate need to look nice with a full head.

Female Hair Transplant:

Historically Female hair transplant has not been as successful as men’s. Medical science attributes this to the biological hair structure of women. Women usually have diffused hair loss which means that they have overall thinning of hair. Here the donor site also suffers. Moreover, women do not have stable donor hair. However when recommended women undergo the same hair transplant treatment as men. Before any procedure one of the foremost steps is to ensure if a patient is a good candidate for the treatment at all. In women especially, it is important for the patients to understand that if their hair loss is due to mechanical reasons, like tying up hair tight into buns and ponytails, the transplant has its fair chances of being a success. The second shot at success for women is if the hair fall is due to non-hormonal reasons. If the cause of hair loss is any other then these two, women do not usually see a success.

Hair Loss in Women:

Platelets Rich Plasma is an innovative and result oriented hair growth therapy which is not invasive at all, but for the injections. This therapy is suitable for both men and women. The procedure begins with a sample of blood being collected. Once a sample is collected, your blood is put through the centrifuge (a high speed rotating machine). This helps in separating the blood plasma, which is the matter that is needed for hair growth. Blood plasma contains essential proteins needed for growth. Once done the magic serum is ready to be injected into your scalp with an extremely thin needle. This is a 60-minute procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Body Hair Transplant:

Body hair transplant is a method used for hair transplant onto the head in cases of severe hair loss. In such a case when the donor hair is scaring and the bald patches are too wide to be covered, body hair transplant is the option which salvages the situation. The technique used for this kind of a transplant is FUE since FUT is a surgical process and stripping layers of skin from anywhere else complicates things.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant:

Eyebrow hair transplant is all about aesthetics. Eyebrows are a vital part of the overall look and transplants in this area is always sought with a purely aesthetic mindset. Hence as important the procedure is for this, the essence of importance attached to giving that defining shape to the eyebrows (which is almost like constructing a new of set of brows) is no less important. This transplant may be done using the FUE or FUT method and which might require 40 to 500 grafts depending on the density desired, authenticity, etc. These transplanted hair tend to fall off in the next few weeks. The regrowth of hair begins from the 4th month onwards. You may feel the need to repeat the procedure, in the long run, should you intend on getting denser brows or think that you need a shape alteration done.

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