Telogen Effluvium

The most common form of hair fall, this one is lifestyle and stress related. One of the most reversible forms of Alopecia, this is often a temporary condition. Like any life cycle, hair also has a growth and resting phase. The active growth period of hair is called the anagen phase. The resting phase, however, is called the Telogen phase.

To understand Telogen Effluvium let's first understand that hair fall at any point in time is a natural and normal occurrence. At any point in time, approximately 15% of our hair is in the resting phase and 85% in the Anagen or the growth stage. However in some cases, especially after an event like any kind of shock, or an event like pregnancy or hormonal change or even high-grade fever or some other sickness, the hair cycle may undergo a shock.

When the hair cycle is normal, the growth phase or the Anagen phase lasts for about 4 years. Post this the hair undergoes a resting phase of 4 months. However, when due to any of the above-mentioned reasons the hair cycle alters, the growth phase slows down and the resting phase lengthens. This is when more than usual hair fall occurs. Telogen effluvium affects women more than men.

Interestingly, this condition reverses itself in no less than six months. However for the same to happen without help is not possible. So the condition must be diagnosed and the cause must be zeroed in. Once this is dealt with, a proper course of treatment is recommended. In case of severe hair loss, and prolonged continuity of the same, alternative hair treatments are often looked at which are usually noninvasive in nature.

A reversible condition and a common type of hair loss, Telogen Effluvium is not the end of the road.

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