A behavioral disorder

Trichotillomania is the term that refers to the behavior of repetitive pulling out of hair that is medically categorized into Impulse control disorder bracket. It is a behavioral disorder. Hair fall, in this case, is mechanical, where the person suffering from Trichotillomania pulls out his or her own hair. This can be a reversible disorder if the patient can resist pulling out hair. Trichotillomania may develop between the age of 9 years to 13 years. More common in females, this is a curable condition with medication and therapy.

This behavioral disorder does not follow a particular place from where one plucks hair but it is mostly from the head, eyebrows and eyelids. The most disturbing aspect of this is a disorder is that the one doing this, finds pleasure in it. The consequences do not stop at pulling out hair.

The ones suffering from Trichotillomania actually take their time to indulge in a ritualistic analysis and pleasure gaining, by feeling and touching the plucked hair. The symptoms of this disorder can start with high tension before he or she pulls out the hair and an immediate relief after doing so. Many times people who realize that they have this condition may try and resist the urge to pull out hair but that is a phase full of tension for them.

For the people around such patients, the warning signs should be bald patches that occur at any place repeatedly. It is also important to understand that Trichotillomania is not an offshoot of other mental conditions. It is an isolated disorder, which consequently starts affecting one's social life, many times their professional lives too.

The question is can hair transplant help people suffering from such conditions? The answer would be yes as long as they are cured of pulling out hair.

Hair transplant candidature of a patient suffering from trichotillomania depends on a few criteria. Along with being treated of the habit of plucking hair, ensuring that the plucking has not happened for at least a year.

It is also important that the patient has no complaints if itching or burning sensation. It is also extremely important to keep a tab on, if the area of balding has increased over a period of one or two years. Last but not least the candidate must have a good supply of donor hair and should be over 18 years of age.

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