We at Insta Global offer a gamut of services suited to women as well as men. It is important to understand that men and women have a different biological structure of the hair. This is the basic reason why hair transplant treatments for men and women differ.

Insta Hair Transplant

Regenerating hair

The hair transplant procedure that we offer here is FUE (Follicular Unit Transplant). A minimally invasive method of hair transplant, FUE is a proven method of transplant with a high success rate for men. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and does not require any hospitalization. Men have a defined donor site, from where hair follicles are extracted for the transplant. The procedure can take up to 4 hours depending on the grafts to be transplanted.

Insta Hair Treatment

Salvaging the damage before it goes extensive

Hair treatments are sought for instances of hair loss or hair thinning. It differs from hair transplant in the sense that treatments are alternatives to hair transplants wherever even a minimally invasive can be saved. PRP, Stem cell therapy and Mesotherapy are some of the most proven treatments.

How it works

PRP also called the Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment which uses your own blood sample to derive the platelet-rich plasma, which is a high growth protein. A blood sample is drawn and run through the centrifuge. This separates the Plasma in the blood. This is injected into the scalp during an FUE procedure. This could also be a standalone treatment when the PRP is injected into the scalp directly to treat thinning hair on its own.

Stem cell therapy is another alternative treatment which is based on the fundamental of making stem cells work towards accelerating hair growth as well as help the follicles to sprout new hair. The stem cells have regenerative powers. Hence the follicles are extracted from the donor spots and regenerated to double in numbers. The original grafts along with the regenerated follicles are then transplanted adding to the density of the hair.

Mesotherapy is again a lunchtime procedure meaning it’s a process which is completed in about an hour so. A connotation of vitamins, minerals, and a growth accelerating element is injected into the mesoderm which is the fundamentally the middle layer of the skin. This treatment has proven successful in treating women as well.

2. Scalp pigmentation

An artistic way to cover hair loss

How it works

This is more of an artistic way of covering the bald patches especially in cases of alopecia or an injury or burn which might have left a patch of the head hairless. In these instances when hair transplant might not be the ideal solution. Also termed Medical hairline tattoo, this treatment being more aesthetic in nature, needs to be performed by experts with skill in executing the same. Scalp pigmentation requires tiny deposits of ink to be deposited at the epidermal. This is also an ideal way to deal with hair loss for females. Scalp pigmentation is more about camouflaging the hair loss suffered.

The most critical part of this process is to get the hairline correct, in cases of severe hair loss or no air at all. In case of thinning hair, it is of the essence to get the bald patches covered and not miss any. Once the patches or the head is tattooed, you will be instructed on post scalp pigmentation care. Follow the same strictly to get the best results. Whenever needed, touch-ups can be done at convenience.

3. Direct Hair Fusion

An innovative way to feel awesome about your hair

What does one do when hair transplants is not an option or financially too taxing? What does one do when hair transplant is not the solution one is ready to explore? For people with extensive hair loss, men and women alike, the solution lies in Direct Hair Fusion also termed, Hair Replacement. Many may say that it is a spin-off the wig. It definitely is inspired by the traditional wig. However, it is way refined and sophisticated with a natural look.

How it works

Direct hair fusion is a technique which lets you wear a mop of hair, 100% the same as your natural hair texture. It is always customized to fit into your head. It's fitted on to a dermatological skin friendly artificial skin and gummed on to the bald patch of your head with special adhesive. This mop of hair is then shampooed and cut to frame your face to the style that you would like or suit you. Once done doctors usually advise keeping the hair at the sides short to keep the style intact. The maintenance of this hair can be done by your clinic or by you if you follow the advice as given. The best part is, this hair can be shampooed and combed just like natural hair. A hair replacement lasts until 8 months to a year.

4. Eyebrow restoration

Beautiful arches because you deserve it

Eye Brows, especially for women is the essence of enhancing the beauty of their eyes. If a woman loses her eyebrows due to alopecia, a burn or an accident, it can be a cosmetic breakdown for her. Often it may lead to feeling depressed about the same. This may be the case with men too who might have lost eyebrows due to some reason. This is where eyebrow restoration can work miracles changing and enhancing looks to a completely different level. Women who know or have undergone eyebrow transplants before in fact often opt for a second transplant to either change the shape of the brows or to merely add density to the brows.

How it works

Eyebrow restoration is done via the FUE method (Follicular extraction method). The donor site here remains the back of the head or the sideburns for men. For women doctors locate the donor site. The hair follicles are extracted using a tool with pluckers of varied dimensions. The follicles are extracted safely without causing damage to the donor site and transplanted to the eyebrows. Eyebrows being aesthetically tangible, the placement of the follicles is crucial for the final look.

However, you must remember that the growth hair cycle cannot be reversed. Since the follicles taken from the head will grow as its natural cycle, the transplanted eyebrows must be groomed and maintained for the look.

5. Facial Hair Transplant

For men it's good news all the way!!!!

Know of anyone who has stopped growing his mustache or beard because he has lost hair there? For men beards and mustaches have always held a place of pride. It is imaginable what a man goes through when he loses hair in patches making his facial hair look blotchy. The good news is that this condition is reversible with facial hair Transplant.

The procedure for a facial hair transplant is through FUE (Follicular hair transplant). The donor site remains the back of the head or the sideburns from where the hair follicles are taken for the transplant. In case of insufficient donor hair, body hair from the chest or the abdomen is opted for. The procedure begins with local anesthesia being administered and the follicles being extracted from the donor area. The extracted follicles are then transplanted onto the recipient site. Since the cycle of hair cannot be reversed, the transplanted hair will need to be groomed and maintained regularly.

6. Female Hair Transplant

Giving a woman back her pride

Hair transplant in women is a different ball game altogether. The most prominent reason being the biological difference in the makeup of hair in men and women. The pattern of hair loss in both gender also differs. Hair transplant in women is usually carried out after a careful evaluation to check if you are a good candidate for a successful transplant.

Women who suffer from hair loss or have gone bald due to alopecia, or due to mechanical reasons like frequent tying of hair into a tight ponytail or bun, burns or injury or even patches left bald (at donor areas) due to a previous hair transplant make for good candidates of hair transplant. However, hair loss due to any kind of hormonal imbalance or fused hair loss has a lesser chance of desired results.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is another treatment that women are often advised.

Since women suffer from diffused hair loss the most prominent problem in women is hair thinning. PRP is injecting of microinjection into the scalp, administrating PRP which is derived from your blood. The sample of blood is spun at high speed in a centrifuge which separates the platelets from the blood. Being Protein-rich with growth-boosting properties, it helps the follicles to sprout thereby spurring hair growth.

A woman would often define beauty in terms of beautiful hair and eyes. The catch, however, is not just the eye but also the brows with frames them, giving a definite yet subtle look to a face. Eyebrow transplants are extremely popular with women. Some do it because they need to have lost eyebrow hair due to some reason; some may do this purely for aesthetic reasons. The procedure for eyebrow transplant is FUE wherein donor hair follicles are extracted and then implanted onto the donor site. Since the cycle growth of hair cannot be reversed even though transplanted onto eyebrows, hence grooming and maintaining of transplanted eyebrows is of the essence.

Female hair transplant is not easy nor is it impossible. However, it is best to understand that not all female patients can make the cut for an excellent candidate for hair transplant. Before getting your hopes high, go for a consultation, understand where you stand and work with your doctor to work out the best way out for the transplants to work.

Actual Process

For us, at Insta Hair Transplant, Hair transplant is an overall experience. It is not just about your for hair loss treatment but also as a way to help you get back your identity and self-confidence. We stand with you throughout the process, helping you understand what hair transplant is, what we can do for you with our cutting edge technology and state of art techniques and what you may expect at the end of the procedures. We stress on communication because we must understand your concerns. We also believe in transparency of information. We shall work on designing your hairline the natural lines, our team of experts along with our surgeons will work on successful graft extractions and transplants, we shall guide you through your post-operative care, help you with your recuperation and advise you on any additional therapy that you may need.


We view consultation as one of the most critical phases of our introduction to each other. At this point of time, we like to utilize to answer your queries. More importantly, we need you to feel comfortable with us to share with us any of your concern, fear or doubts that you may have. It is of absolute importance that we are able to gain your confidence, help you with a solution and guide you through to help you understand about hair transplant, the procedures involved and its consequences.

On our part, we take this opportunity to scrutinize your candidature to evaluate and analyze if hair transplant can resolve your hair loss problem. Some of the parameters that are considered in the process include your hair structure, family history, authenticity, etc. This evaluation helps us to conclude if hair transplant can yield a satisfactory outcome for you. In case, you have a rather minimalistic shot at hair transplant being your solution, we shall work with you towards finding an alternative treatment.

It would be helpful for you to get a quick rundown on how we scrutinize your candidature. It starts with a close analysis of your hair quality and the health of your scalp under a strong magnifying instrument. Our doctors use a handheld microscope to check the areas to ensure nothing is missed. Once this is done, they will measure your hair density simultaneously analyzing the density of hair follicles that are available at the donor site. Measurements of your existing hair, the bald patch and the patch which will be the donor site are all taken.

After working out the calculations, we shall be able to give you an estimation of how many grafts would be needed to cover your bald patch, which method would be the most suited, if you have enough do not hair available for a transplant or if we need to look at other parts of the body for donor hair etc. Since a hair transplant procedure is always performed under anesthesia, your anesthetist will also consult with you and your doctors will run a cardiogram to ensure the health of your heart.

The final stage of our consultation is perhaps the most awaited one. Here is when we shave your head off for 1 to 2 mm. Post this we start drawing your hairline on the computer after we have documented the most vital information – the donor area. The computer image is generated with a lot of parameters in mind like your authenticity, your facial bone structure, the availability of donor hair to name a few. This is where there would be a lot of discussions. Once you are happy with what you on see on the computer we finalize the look. We draw the precise hairline on you and take pictures from different angles to prepare for the procedure.

Pre-procedural meetings:

At Insta Hair Transplant we work as a team. We meet at the end of the day and the procedures lined up for the next day are discussed. What we aim to do in these meetings is to take our cases, for suggestions and expert views. This not only keeps the team informed about the patients, which often prove helpful in making our patients feel comfortable when greeted by someone who knows his or her case. It also helps in maintain a balanced and well-oiled team work.

The Procedure:

It is natural to be a little nervous and anxious before the procedure begins. We understand this. However, we also need you to be relaxed and have faith in us. So before the procedure begins you are free to use out recreational room and pick up any movie or songs or even a book that you may want to watch, listen to or read. Our house masseur will give you a back massage and you have the option to choose a leg massage during the procedure too. Since hair transplants are carried out with local anesthesia patients will feel the need to take a bio break. Restroom breaks are possible to take during the procedure. During this time our anesthesiologist will also come and see you talk to you about pain management.

Prior to the procedure:

You will be asked to change into sterilized clothing and will be seated in the special chair made especially for hair transplants. It is a comfortable chair which will help you relax during the procedure. It must be mentioned here that during the extraction of the donor hair from the back of your head, you shall be sitting.

The procedure:

Once you are comfortable, your vitals will be checked to ensure smooth anesthetic inducement. You will be monitored throughout the process too. The donor area will also be marked now so that during the procedure the doctors know the safe donor area and shall extract hair follicles from the correct site.


You will experience the procedure begin with the local anesthesia injected into your scalp. As the scalp becomes numb, the extraction of the follicles from the donor site will begin. Doctors will be using special magnifiers which will enable them to see beyond the surface root of the hair at the scalp till 1 mm below the scalp. It is our innovative cross polarization technology that makes this possible.

Extractions are carried out using state of art surgical punches which are meant for manual handling. We use punches of different sizes to ensure minimal invasion for each patient. Our punches vary anywhere between 0.6 mm to 0.85 mm. At Insta Hair Transplant for extraction of follicles, we use a technique called the sequential or DES technique. We do not stress on speed over quality but we can safely transplant up to a thousand grafts in one day.

You are constantly monitored during the procedure. Surgeons are kept updated about the graft quality being taken. Hence immediate actions are taken to make adjustments if needed. Once a graft is taken out that part of the donor area is immediately covered with medication.

Once the grafts are out we took care of, all the precautions to preserve each graft. Simultaneously with the extraction, grafts are scrutinized under magnifying equipment and segregated. The selected grafts are placed in a Petri dish with hypotermosol and liposomal. The dish is then placed over an electric chilling device.

The Transplant:

Once the extractions are done, it is time to move to the recipient area. This is going to be the outcome area. The area gets anesthetized. Once the effect takes off, the surgeon starts making quick incisions, big enough for the grafts to be implanted. At Insta Hair Transplant customized and sterilized blades are prepared in accordance with the length of the hair and the distribution of the grafts for this process.

We usually take a lunch break at this point in time. With pre implant incisions already made before lunch, implanting becomes easy. But it is crucial to keep the grafts moisturized till the procedure. This is where the ring graft storage device comes in handy. This device helps in keeping the grafts moist enough till it is time for the implants.

Once the procedure resumes, the transplant team quickly implants the grafts using forceps. In the meanwhile, the team constantly is ensuring that the grafts are placed in the natural direction and angle of the natural hair. Since the implants can be put into place only in the premade incisions, the ratio of error is negated to almost a zero here. However, it should be understood that the number of grafts implanted will be directly proportional to the denseness of the hair when it grows.

Once the procedure is over in about 4 hours the surgical area is cleaned and the surgeon runs immediate scrutiny of the job done. Once this is done, you will be given the postoperative instructions and will be handed over a kit. This kit contains your post-operative medications, gauze, an ice pack and a bottle of liposomal ATP spray. You may rest till you are okay to go home, wearing a customized cap which would be provided to you. You will be called for a checkup and a hair wash the next day.

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